EasyGroups GPS iPhone:

the perfect mobile application for Social Outdoor


EasyGroup Gps
is the application that let you organize, create events and invite friends and parents to participate, for example, if you want to organize a bike ride, a trip, a walk in the mountains … with EasyGoups GPS you can:

1) load an event including a description, date of start and end, images … and especially a GPX file that allows you to draw on the map the route you intend to achieve

2) invite your friends to attend the event by sending an email or text message

3) during “live” event you can follow on the map the location of your friends and evaluate each other’s position and advantage

4) at any time you can send information to subscribers through event notifications

5) at any time you can choose to make yourself visible or invisible on the map

EasyGroups GPS is the “social” sister of the award-winning EasyTrails GPS Outdoor application that allows you to record and trace routes and much more, record a GPX with EasyTrails, upload it to EasyGoups GPS and have fun!